What would it look like to pursue what you were made to do? You were wired for your dream, engineered to benefit the world around you. So, not only are you missing out, so is the world. Is there a price tag too high for clarity and direction to begin it?   How is not taking action costing you? Get back to building the rocket ship that is supposed to be your life. 


May 21 - 22

San Diego, CA


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Includes: 7 workshop sessions with accompanying curriculum workbook. Bob will also provide attendees with coaching sessions following the workshop.

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Day 1

We'll focus on cutting away the strings attached to your big ideas. You'll work with others to untether your goals from any restrictions and reservations weighing them down. Our conversational sessions will walk you through our curriculum designed specifically to turn big dreams into executed ones.

Day 2

We'll spring your ambitions into action. Most dreams nosedive at the first sign of setbacks, so we'll spend the morning learning how to turn turbulence into dream fuel. After a quick lunch, we'll huddle up one last time and create a clear plan of action for your dream. What used to be just a floating idea will be cleared for landing. We'll have a big celebration before we send you out to redefine your world. The schedule is subject to change depending on the needs of the group, but this is a general outline. There will be breaks for meals and time to reflect individually and in groups.

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May 21 - Day 1

9:00 : Registration & Breakfast

9:30 : Welcome & Session 1

12:00 : Lunch Break

1:00 : Session 2

2:30 : Session 3

3:30 : Recap and Surprise Activity

May 22 - Day 2

9:00 : Breakfast

9:30 : Session 4

10:35 : Session 5

12:00 : Lunch Break

1:30 : Session 6

3:15 : Session 7

4:00 : Conclusion

4:30 : Optional, Light Dinner

Registration fee does not include travel and lodging costs

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