When was the last time that you quit something on Thursday? For Patrick, it was last week when he and his family decided to adventure to Hawaii for the rest of the year.

"I keep holding fast to the truth that I care more about building a tight family than not rocking the executive committee", says Patrick as he commits to this adventure of a lifetime. Even after hearing comments like "It's the length of time that concerns us" or "This is not what you do, this is not how we operate" from his colleagues, he knew he had to take action and get his family to Hawaii.

A little background on Patrick for those of you who don't know him. Patrick attended Dream Big 2 in May 2017. Some of his big dreams were to be more present with his family, get an MFA in Creative Writing, all while continuing his job as a pediatric epilepsy doctor. He and his wife Lauren live in Minnesota with their three lively young children. Lauren is the "master of routine", so it took here a while to warm up to the idea of going away to Maui's north shore, Paia. Together, they quickly realized that they lived separate lives back home, missing out on family time with each other and with their children. After about a month of prayer and consideration, they knew they needed to do this for their kids. Since being there, they say that this is the most time they've spent "together" as a family. During their family time at a local ice cream shop, they met their first friend on the island - Owen Wilson!

"People have been calling me courageous, but I'm really just figuring it out as we go. If you want to do this with your family, the job stuff will work out. I'm realizing that life is too short not to dream big."



“It’s incredible how life is a tapestry that the Lord weaves, and we don’t see what it looks like or what he’s doing until after, when we look back at his work in our lives.”

Anita knew there was something more to life than her day-to-day job. In just a short period of time, she saw her opportunity and took a huge leap into the unknown. A year after she attended the first Dream Big, Anita and her husband sold all their belongings, left their jobs, moved to Mexico, and never looked back.  When Anita ended up getting laid off at her job, she took it as an opportunity and a sign to pursue her dream! Her husband was on board from the start, which helped her take the leap. On March 19th, Anita stepped into the life she always dreamed of. She launched Gift of Dignity, her own non profit organization Learning Center, as well as a small farm at Casa Hogar Elim Orphanage - which is home to 80 amazing underprivileged and orphaned kids.

“The world will tell you no, but that usually means you’re on the right track. I didn’t listen to the rest of the world,” said Anita. Her dream was big, and felt the world and others telling her what to do, and what not to do. She just kept moving forward, starting small in her progress.

When we asked Anita what her biggest takeaway from this experience was, she said that “there’s such freedom and choice when you know you're doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” Some of the rules Anita and her husband have learned to live with that have kept them moving forward with joy and excitement instead of fear and anxiety. First, don’t do it alone. Next, know where you are going and why you are going there. Finally, don’t wait for the world to say it’s okay to go.

She wakes up everyday and often pinches herself because she's truly living out her dreams.