009 Bonus Episode -- Aref Dostyar Dreaming Big for Afghanistan

If you know Bob at all, you know he’s involved in bringing hope and restoration to countries across the world through Love Does. Recently, Bob and team traveled to Afghanistan to facilitate another Dream Big live workshop with emerging leaders in Afghanistan, and they spent a few minutes with Bob’s good friend, Aref Dostyar.

Aref Dostyar works with the Afghan government to help craft policies to create lasting peace. He has been part of several national, regional, and international initiatives for peace in his country. Additionally, he supports young Afghans who envision an inclusive & open society. He is also passionate about education for kids, particularly those who have been internally displaced due to conflict. Dostyar has a Master of Arts degree in International Peace & Policy Studies from the University of Notre Dame. He loves his people and lives with them in Afghanistan. He can be followed @ArefDostyar.

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On the episode:

Producer : Haley King

Engineer : Jackson Carpenter