018 Bob Goff -- Expect Setbacks

In life you will face setbacks of many kinds, especially when you declare that you’re going to pursue your big dreams. You don’t need to be surprised but you do need to be prepared. Will you get overwhelmed? Stuck? Frozen? Angry? Depressed? 

Fundamentally, how you respond to setbacks and challenges will determine if you have what it takes to accomplish big things in life. Make sure you have some wise friends who love you and tell you the truth, and a clear dedication to what’s setting your heart on fire. Just keep going!

In this week’s episode Bob and Scott dig in to the setbacks they’ve faced as they pursue big dreams and talk about what it takes to become someone who keeps going no matter what. 

This month we also have a free resource giveaway you can easily download to help you learn how to face setbacks like a boss..


Also on the episode:

Producer : Haley King

Engineer : Jackson Carpenter

Co-host :Scott Schimmel